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As we continue to offer a complete range of autobody repair services, we want to ensure that you have a pleasant experience here at Amedt’s PDR. So we’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions and provided the answers.

Take a look at the details below. If you have further inquiries not answered on this page, kindly reach out to us.

"What is PDR?"

Paintless Dent Repair is the technique used to massage out small to medium dents such as hail damage, door dings & indentations.

"What is the difference between hail dent repair and PDR?"

There isn't one.

"What is the difference between Conventional Repair and PDR?"  

Conventional Repair is much more costly, time consuming and less eco friendly. It entails several stages of work, prep, primer, and paint all costing money & time. Where as PDR, one stage. No prep. No primer. No paint. Just skilled labor.

Do I have to use the preferred body shop my insurance recommends?

No. You pay them. They work for you and you can choose to have any certified body shop  do the work.

Is the Estimate the final bill?

No. The Estimate is just that, an estimate of the cost of repair. We have no way of knowing what we are dealing with, in some cases, until we begin the process. At which time we let you know what is happening or we deal with the insurance agency on the matter.

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